Monday, July 16, 2012

Corrupt Atlanta Transportation Initiative to pass on July 31st

Atlanta Transportation "T-SPLOST" has a lot of politics going on!

I had a burning question bouncing around my mind for weeks, and I finally asked my Facebook family:

"do any of you know who is bank-rolling the ads in favor of voting yes on the transportation initiative? it's a suspiciously large amount of funding for this type of thing. why wouldn't they be more forthcoming about the source of the money?"

No sooner did I ask, I found the answer on an unrelated site in an ad.

"interestingly, i found the answer online on a news site i was reading. is their site. "Paid for by Citizens for Transportation Mobility. Dave Stockert, Chairman". dave stockert is the ceo of post properties. the following is conjecture, but i bet there will be post apartments very close to many of the rail line stops. that would explain why they're so interested in getting this passed."

I also added a mention to this blog post in a subsequent comment.

"this is an interesting treatise of the initiative in general (the author ultimately will vote ___ didn't want to spoil)"

So, that's what happened in my social networking world today.  (Yes, I'm telling stories about what I did on Facebook.)  And...  ME NUH LIKE

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