Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wealth envy, or disgust for the wealthy?

Wealth envy? Someone's been listening to mainstream media. How about disgust for the wealthy in this country? I do get it with the free market ideals (I actually like them believe it or not), but they are just that-- *ideals*. What's happening in practice is neither a free market nor ideal. Multinational corporations have rigged U.S.A. Inc. to work for them and in their favor to extract wealth and destroy competition at home and abroad. At home, they have an army of lawyers and lobbyists who have used the law, regulators, politicians, and courts to make the system work for them and against the average person and small business. They own and control the media who only acknowledges the two parties (two factions of one Corporate America) and gives us the impression that we live in a democracy.

This is the overall effect that can be measured by income inequality. Talking about income inequality rings of trying to affect the outcome moving forward. In this case, I recommend looking at it at measuring the effect "Reaganomics" has had on our society looking back. So what if a few people are super wealthy? Am i jealous? I'm not jealous. I'm happy with my middle class life (lucky to still be middle class), but I think the super rich are sinking the ship. They are cutting off America's nose to spite its face. back in the day, the government employed anti-trust laws to reel in business. No one was prepared for this subtle yet advanced attack on the free market, and they've won. Game over...

...The ship has sailed; The two parties are too corrupt to fix this from the inside. Why do you think mainstream media marginalized the Occupy Wall Street movement? Because they are dead on about corporations, who of course run mainstream media, and about money running politics.

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