Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Israel versus Palestine versus TRUTH

I don't know if I've ever seen anything this amazing.  Thankfully a ceasefire has been reached just at time of writing, but after a week of fighting between Israel and Gaza, who knows who or what to believe.  Unfortunately, I can't write this without bias because I do have my beliefs about this situation, but I'm hoping to touch on something more important than taking sides.  I would like to demonstrate what I think is an incredible information gap.  I think that this gap goes beyond bias to the level of massive disinformation reaching well outside the boundaries of Israel / Palestine.

For the purposes of this blog, Israel means Israel's government and not its civilians or any other people of Jewish faith/culture.  The politics surrounding this conflict are so vicious that I feel I must make absolutely clear that I am not antisemitic.  Actually, I am anti-violence and pro-truth (versus any lies, disinformation, or secrecy).

The pro-Israel camp generally believes (with some variation):

  • Palestinian extremists (and other regional Muslim extremists) want to destroy Israel basically at any cost or chance
  • Hamas is a "terrorist organization" 
  • Israel has a right to all of the land it currently occupies and expands into
  • Anyone against Israel, since it is the Jewish state, is antisemitic
  • Military attacks on Palestine are self-defense

The pro-Palestine camp generally believes (with some variation):

  • Palestinians are being robbed of their land (often violently) and oppressed by the Israeli government.
  • Palestinians live under "apartheid"-like circumstances whereby they are subject to different laws, rules, and rights than Israeli citizens
  • Many of the territorial actions of Israel are illegal by international law and according to the United Nations
  • Votes on actions to condemn Israel for this situation in the United Nations are always blocked by the United States
  • Much of western mainstream media (essentially all mainstream media in the United States) only gives the pro-Israel point of view
  • The two state solution as it's been negotiated occasionally over the past few decades was incredibly unfair (unacceptable) to the Palestinian side
  • Military/bomb attacks on Israel are justified retaliation for the untenable situation
Middle ground?  There is no middle ground.  How many sides are there to this story?  At least 3?  

Besides the lives lost (on both sides) and injustice suffered, I think the real victim is the truth.  Do you want to know the truth?  I DO.  

P.S. Define "terrorist"

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