Wednesday, March 27, 2013

HEART The Rock (one depressing breakfast with mtvu)

Ate breakfast on a college campus this morning.  MTV-U was being pumped out of flat screen TVs all over the dining area.  I was a bit disturbed by the one minute that I watched.  I still enjoyed my breakfast though in case the reader was concerned with my eating pleasure.

First up:  Advertisement for the movie G. I. Joe.

<beginsarcasm> Yay!  They've remade the old cartoon starring The Rock.  Support the troops! </endsarcasm>

OK.  Do you love our military?  Have you ever wondered why?  Would you love your military as much if you didn't watch TV and sporting events?

Some articles about Iraq to show some further cynicism:

Second up:  Advertisement for St George University.

<beginsarcasm> Yay!  Student debt!  Universities are using increased tuition to compete with other universities to increase enrollment and tuition which increases need for student loans! </endsarcasm>

If you don't know that student debt is a huge problem, then under what rock are you hiding?  Even THE Rock knows that student debt is a problem.  But did you know that student debt has reached ONE TRILLION DOLLARS and as surpassed credit card debt?  Did you know that you cannot bankrupt out of student debt?  Did you know student debt can even garnish Social Security if it isn't paid off before collecting benefits?  Did you know that the promise of getting a well-paid job with a college degree is less true than ever?  Does anyone think this isn't a mess?

Some articles to make us feel bad about universities and student debt:

Finally:  Advertisement for Snickers.

<beginsarcasm> Hungry?  (Yes!)  Is Robin Williams coaching a football team?  (Yes!)  Will scarfing down very sweet candy satisfy his hunger and make him healthy?  (Yes!)  What would The Rock do?  (Yes!) </endsarcasm>

Is Snickers a gas station PBJ?  No, it's candy not food.  It's making people sick not healthy.  It's making people fat not healthy.  Much of our food is making us sick.  I saw someone say recently that if it's advertised on TV, then definitely don't eat it.  I've heard others say not to eat anything out of a box.  Are convenience, shelf life, and sweetness the properties we're most concerned with in our food?  Not if we care about our health.

In conclusion: <beginsarcasm> Support attacking other countries, go into debt, and make yourself sick.</endsarcasm>

Or maybe just stop and think about what you do and why.  What would The Rock do?  Put down that Snickers.


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