Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Drug war assassinations in the U.S.A.

So it's been all over the news, political assassinations of law/prison related officials in Colorado and Texas.  In case you missed it:

So how does it feel?  Are Americans happy with this?  The alleged perps are Aryan Nation folks who make their money in black markets running drugs.  What does this say about our drug war?  Doesn't it sound a little like the cartels in Mexico?

Assassinations like this have happened thousands of times over in Mexico due to the drug war the U.S. has imposed on them.  This is a consequence of prohibition pure and simple.  This is further evidence of the laundry list of failings of the drug war.  Where are the successes?  Oooops there aren't really any, unless you consider who's profit(eer)ing substantially from the drug war.

It's time to tell the WELFARE KINGS (weapons manufacturers, private prisons, BANKS*, pharmaceutical industry)  to stop the drug war, to make an honest living without wasting our tax money on a useless drug war and without ruining the lives of millions of people in the process.