Monday, October 7, 2013

Shutdown and parasitic money

The shutdown is supposedly about Obamacare and separately about the debt ceiling (or rather money).  So what is money?  Does it have value?  Did you know it's created out of debt in the first place?

We actually have a parasite on our economy called the Federal Reserve.  This private institution, owned mostly by a secretive cartel of bankers, creates money out of thin air and lends it to the government to spend or to banks to lend it into existence.  Our income taxes go directly to the debt service of the money the government has spent.  The US used to print its own money debt-free at various times in our history until the last time we stopped in 1913, when the Federal Reserve Act passed Congress.  Do you ever wonder how much of your work goes to paying off this debt to this banking cartel?

Congress could complete change the talk of the debt ceiling by addressing our money problem, but Democrats and Republicans are largely dependent on Wall Street and other power elite interests to fund their campaigns and privately become wealthy.  Our two parties have us divided and conquered fighting about social issues while both parties give Wall Street practically free reign to gouge all the capital it can from any person, government, business, or country that has any left.

Here are some questions everyone should want the answer to:

* Why can't we audit the Federal Reserve?
* Why wasn't anyone punished for the irresponsible behavior that caused the housing bubble?
* Who profits during each economic shock?
* Why won't network news outlets mention 3rd party candidates or allow them in debates?
* Why do the biggest corporations pay less (net) taxes than churches?
* Why are portions of SOPA being resurrected in the TPP?
* Would we be better off as a country to print our own money, debt-free?

Me no like none of this

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